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Build a Student Centered Classroom

that runs itself allowing you to
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How many times have you gone to sleep the night before school starts and still felt like you were overwhelmed with tons of things to do and think about?

Say Goodbye to those Days!

This is your one stop shop to peaceful sleep
and feeling FULLY ready to jump into your first six weeks with your new class! 

Not only will your weeks be smooth, but you’ll be set up with a student centered classroom that *almost* runs itself for the rest of the school year.

Raise your hand if you can relate to...

→ Feeling unprepared for the first few weeks trying to teach routines and procedures
Disorganization in several spaces around the room after the first few days
→ Realizing managing a classroom full of kiddos is a HARD task and you need strategies
Stressed about the structure of instruction and need more small group time to make an impact
Overwhelmed and feeling uncertain on how to get your classroom ducks in a row

You don't have to feel this way!

A huge benefit of this course is for YOU to walk away feeling totally planned for your six weeks of school. 

This includes:

  • crucial considerations for classroom set up
  • classroom community
  • classroom management

You will have a complete mindset shift on why and how students benefit from student centered classrooms.

This will help you plan and arrange your room to be an organized, efficient, and student friendly learning environment where students thrive academically AND socially.

Come experience what it feels like to be ready to dive into your year with your students and have a classroom that is ready for the ENTIRE year!

I understand that overwhelming and stressed bubble teachers seem to be in at the beginning of the year.

It’s as if things are never done and your plans always go awry because maybe there was something you didn’t think through.

I was there. I was desperate for a better way.

I’ve been the teacher who’s overwhelmed and just trying to SURVIVE making it to the next break.

I remember “planning” everything and setting up, knowing I’d forgotten a million things but feeling okay about having a good year with my students.

Even after doing ALL the research, pinning ALL the pins, decorating and organizing ALL the things, I still cried every day coming home.

It was so much!

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so I dreamed...

I dreamed of a classroom that everyone walks into and sees happy successful children who thrive ALL on their own.

The classroom would feel like a second family and everyone would be happy, learning, and growing.

I was tired of dreaming and wanted this dream to come true for teachers everywhere

With this course, you’ll stop worrying about ALL the things and have a focused plan for a successful classroom.

I want to help YOU feel confident and have a classroom that thrives on its own.

During my eight years in the classroom, I’ve tried a LOT of different things.

→   I’ve read all kinds of books, blog posts, and catchy Pinterest ideas on classroom set up and how to manage it.

→   I’ve made a lot of errors and experienced some “chaos” but I learned what students need.

They need a loving, supportive environment, where they are represented and challenged by others to grow.

Students need to have choices and be in charge of their own learning.

Helping create a structured environment that allows for flexibility and creativity helps EVERY SINGLE student thrive!

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All of this sounds great…

But How?


A successful classroom for year round engagement and learning requires 3 main things:

Classroom Set Up

Create a plan to set up an organized, efficient classroom that is student centered and fosters independence all year.

Classroom Community

Produce a tight knit inclusive community of learners who support and challenge one another.

Classroom Management

Learn best practices to allow your classroom to *almost* run itself for the entire year.

I’m so excited to show you…

Teachers NEED to be supported in the most important areas that help your school year run smoothly.

This course will take away the stress of back to school with solid plans in place for the things that TRULY matter.

It will help transform your classroom to a supportive, loving and striving community where you can watch student achievement naturally soar!

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Get ready to...

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Module one:

Introduction & Overview

Overview of course: How to set up a student centered classroom including crucial considerations for classroom setup, classroom community, and classroom management

Essentially, what will be gained when the course is complete.

Section 1: Classroom Setup

Module 2 Image

Module two:

Setup and Organization

Module 3 Image

Module three:

Flow, Functionality, and Seating

Section 2: Classroom community

Module 4 Image

Module four:

Positive Classroom Community

Module 5 Image

Module five:

Community Building

Section 3: Classroom management

Module 6 Image

Module six:

Best Practices

Module 7 Image

Module seven:

In Classroom Procedures

Module 8 Image

Module eight:

Out of Classroom Procedures

Module 9 Image

Module nine:

The Workshop Model

Module 10 Image

Module ten:


But that's not all!


Bonus #1

A Facebook group just for course members to  support one another

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A discount for the Back to School Companion Bundle

Bonus #3

A discount for the Survival Guide Book

Building A Student Centered Classroom

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Module 4: Positive Classroom Community  (Value $)

Module 5: Community Building  (Value $)

Module 6: Best Practices   (Value $)

Module 7: In Classroom Procedures  (Value $)

Module 8: Out of Classroom Procedures  (Value $)

Module 9: The Workshop Model  (Value $)

Module 10: Conclusion  (Value $)

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I promise that after completing this course you will not only be less stressed, but READY to dive into your year with a complete plan for a successful year with your students.

Don’t miss out on this chance to gather an awesome toolbox FULL of plans, ideas, and strategies to have your classroom *almost* run itself for the entire year.

so what are you waiting for?

Join us now and also be apart of the supportive Facebook group where
we’ll share tips, ideas, and support no matter what you’re going through!
I’ve got you!

See you on the inside!


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